Frequently Asked Questions2022-01-22T13:34:20-06:00
How much food should I expect to get in my Share?2021-03-04T12:20:06-06:00

This depends on the box you chose. A farm share has between 7-12 items, a BIG box has between up to 18.

What kind of food is in the box?2021-03-04T12:20:49-06:00

We support local farmers who use healthy and environmentally-friendly practices. Our produce farmers use only minimal amounts of spray, and the products used are approved for organic use or are contact-only sprays. Our livestock farmers raise their animals on pasture without antibiotics or growth hormones. Some are given nutritional supplement in the form of grain feed. Feel free to ask us about the growing practices of any specific vendor. We are happy to answer any questions!

How often do I receive a box of produce?2021-03-04T12:21:21-06:00

You can choose to receive a box weekly or bi-weekly.

What if I don’t eat pork for example?2021-03-04T12:21:48-06:00

We recommend that, if you have specific dietary restrictions, you opt for a Custom Share so that you can substitute things you do not eat.

What happens to my share if I go on vacation?2021-03-04T12:22:18-06:00

If you login to your account you will have the option to place a hold for a period of time. Enjoy your vacation!

Can I opt out of the Crop Box program?2021-03-04T12:22:50-06:00

Yes! You can opt out of the program at any time just send us an email or give us a call.

Can I make my place a drop off point?2021-03-04T12:23:21-06:00

Yes you can. In fact there are some benefits for you if you do. Sign up 5 people for your location and there will be no delivery fee.

Do I Return My Box?2021-03-04T12:23:53-06:00

Yes, we ask that you do return your box when you pick up your next Crop Box at your pick up location. Please keep the plastic liner and we will replace it with a new, clean liner. This addresses our strict food safety requirements. Each person has been allotted 2 boxes. We are charging a fee of $15 for any boxes not returned, $5 for an unreturned ice pack, $5 for an unreturned insulated liner.

How does a Build Your Own Box work?2021-03-04T12:24:52-06:00

This one is a completely customizable box. You can choose exactly what you want in your Crop Box by choosing what you want through the “Online Farmers Market.”

Do you offer home delivery?2021-03-04T12:25:23-06:00

We offer home delivery in selected areas. Our delivery fee is $10 per delivery.

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