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Olive Oil

Healthy Heart Breakthrough! Kreta Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Super High in Antioxidants.
♥ Contains 225 ppm vs 60-80 ppm polyphenols/antioxidants in other extra virgin olive oils.
♥ Known to promote a healthy heart/vascular system.
♥ Reduces bad cholesterol (LDL), raises good cholesterol (HDL), and breaks down arterial blocks.
♥ Lowers blood pressure.
♥ Lowers glucose in diabetics.
♥ Cancer research shows big dividends, especially for colon, prostate, gastric, and breast cancer risks.
♥ Slows the aging process and provides beautiful skin.
♥ A natural anit-inflammatory agent and pain reliever.

Why So Many More Polyphenols?
√ Oil only from Koroneiki olives, which are very high in healthful anitoxidants – many more than other olives.
√ Soil, climate, wind, and mountain altitude on Crete.
√ Olives picked when polyphenols the highest.
√ Olives specially processed to preserve polyphenols.
√ Carefully packaged and refrigerated during transport.

Grown, Harvested, Pressed, Packed, and Imported by Small Family Farmers in the Mountains on the Island of Crete. www.kretareserve.com